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Boiler Quality Plate Profiles

Peacefort takes pride in pioneering the business of supplying Boiler Quality Plate Profiles. Purchasing Boiler Quality Plates cut to required sizes eliminates unnecessary investment in excess inventory, for our clients. This directly translates to savings by reducing overheads through the elimination of material handling of full Boiler Quality Plates, marking them, cutting them, and storing the balance off cuts as surplus inventory thereafter. From the client’s perspective it also eliminates the cost and effort of coordinating Third Party Inspection, prior to cutting. They receive a plate duly inspected by the 3rd party inspection agency, cut to size and ready for use.


Peacefort is the only company in the country operating at such a large scale, exclusively offering Boiler Quality Plate Profiles cut to any size whatsoever, as required by our clients viz. squares, circles, rings, segments, etc under 3rd Party inspection.  

A New Degree of Professionalism

Peacefort held ISO 9001:2000 certification for nearly a decade, instilling in us the importance of maintaining stringent quality control through the adoption and strict adherence to standard operating procedures. Combining professionalism with efficiency, we developed an inventory management software that maintains graphic and schematic diagrams of each plate and off-cut in our inventory. This system records the history of the plates as they are progressively consumed, facilitating future reference.  Most importantly, it enables our team to promptly respond to clients’ requirements, closely monitor stocks, expeditiously provide plate-specific mill TCs, optimize plate consumption, and access the entire inventory without physically shifting stock. 

Additionally, Peacefort has developed a customized document management software tailored to our specific process flow. This software allows us to meticulously track orders and access the status of each order with the click of a button. Furthermore, it generates MIS reports that assist Peacefort in leveraging in-house data to enhance performance and overall effectiveness. 


Our Infrastructure

Peacefort’s works, situated at Kalamboli, comprises of an industrial shed spanning 25,000 sq. ft. The unit, manned by skilled supervisory staff, is fully equipped with multiple Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes, with a maximum individual capacity of 25 Metric Tonnes (MT) and a collective capacity of 50 MT, facilitating easy material handling, quick inspection, cutting, and loading. Unhindered production is ensured by a generator and inverter-backed 24-hour power supply, allowing the factory to operate 24/7 and strictly comply with delivery schedules.


Commitment to Quality

Through direct procurement from the Steel Mills, Peacefort ensures that the Boiler Quality Plates come with original correlating Mill Test Certificates. Additionally, these Boiler Quality Plates can be offered for specific test-checks as required by Inspection Agencies or client preferences. The digitized inventory management system maintains the history of the plates, ensuring full traceability of even the smallest offcut. Furthermore, meticulous records of inspection reports are kept for future reference. Plates are dispatched only upon clearance of relevant tests, ensuring quality and genuineness. Our clients are safeguarded from the industry malpractice of Mild Steel plates being misrepresented as Boiler Quality Plates, as Peacefort consciously does not stock or distribute Mild Steel plates. 


Third Party Inspection


Regularly interacting with third-party inspection agencies such as LLOYD'S Register, Engineers India Limited (EIL), SGS Group, Bureau Veritas (BVIS), Uhde India Limited (UHDE), Projects and Development India Limited (PDIL), Bax Counsel Inspection Bureau, Inspection & Certification Bureau (ICB), and KVG Germany, among others, is an integral part of our operations. Being an Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) approved company also allows inspection for any jobs that may require IBR approvals. To benefit our outstation customers, we coordinate third-party inspection liaising, saving them time and money by not requiring them to depute their representatives, especially for this purpose as well as saving them the trouble of coordinating third-party inspection at the eventual site, prior to cutting. Clients receive a Boiler Quality plate duly inspected by the third-party inspection agency, cut to size, and ready for use. 

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