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Peacefort Chem-Ind Engg. Pvt. Ltd. (Peacefort) boasts a rich legacy spanning over half a century, with its inception on the 30th of September, 1971. Originally established as a fabrication unit, the company embarked on a remarkable journey, marked by innovation and excellence. For well over a decade, Peacefort diligently specialized in the manufacture of an array of pressure vessels, including boilers, agitators, condensers and more, showcasing its prowess in the field of engineering and fabrication.




Due to unexpected circumstances operations were suspended in the year 1981.



In the year 1989, Peacefort’s Managing Director, then a young man equipped with a freshly acquired Chemical Engineering Degree, entered the industry as a Process Engineer. He joined a consulting company called M/s. Knik Chemical Engineers Pvt. Ltd., which specialized in mass transfer technology. During his tenure at Knik, he was continuously surveyed the industry to identify a niche area of operations.   

Through extensive interaction with various fabrication and engineering units, he identified a significant gap in the industry. He observed the absence of a company professionally engaged in the manufacture and supply of Boiler Quality steel plate profiles. 

In 1991, Peacefort was revived as a manufacturer and supplier of Boiler Quality plate profiles.  

By 1994, Peacefort had successfully educated clients and raised awareness about the benefits of procuring Boiler Quality plates cut to size. At the time, Peacefort was already supplying cut plates duly inspected under third-party inspection agencies such as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas Inspection Services, SGS India Ltd., Det Norske Veritas, Bax Counsel Inspection Bureau Pvt. Ltd., TUV India Pvt. Ltd., Project Development India Ltd., Udhe India Ltd., etc.  

In 1995, the Peacefort works was approved by IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations). 

Until 1996, Peacefort depended on the market for their raw material, which was largely imported. In 1996, we imported our first consignment of Boiler Quality plates directly from Sidex Galati, Romania. After that, we gradually increased our imports and sourced from various countries such as Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, China, and Belgium. 




In 2002, Peacefort relocated from Bhandup to a 20,000 sq. ft. factory in Kalamboli. We constructed an industrial shed equipped with multiple electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes for easy material handling, facilitating quick inspection, cutting, and loading. 

As business continued to grow, we recognized the need for additional warehousing space for our raw materials. In 2004, we acquired an adjoining warehousing space of about 10,000 sq. ft. to store Boiler Quality plates. 

In 2006, we relocated our corporate office from Bhandup, a central suburb of Mumbai, to the heart of the city in Worli. It now boasts a modern corporate office equipped with state-of-the-art systems. 

Over the years, the Peacefort family grew from the initial 3-member team in 1991 to a team of 40 committed individuals. 


As the company expanded, we recognized that standardization is a progressive and systematic approach to achieve customer satisfaction.  

In 2008, Peacefort received certification for their management systems and procedures in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards. This formalization marked our commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction. While we maintained ISO approval till 2013, based on ISO guidelines, we yet strive for continuous improvement and effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.  

Additionally, we developed customized Digitized Inventory Management and Document Management systems to further enhance the quality of our service. 

With our infrastructure, stock strength, and management systems, Peacefort is clearly the market leader, being the largest company in the country involved in the manufacture and supply of Boiler Quality plate profiles



As business continued to surge, the need for swifter material handling capabilities with enhanced capacities became evident. In response, Peacefort undertook a strategic upgrade, enhancing the existing overhead cranes and introducing a new overhead crane with an impressive maximum capacity of 25 MT.  

Simultaneously, we modernized our works office, aligning it with the evolving demands of the thriving business. 


Peacefort Logo

An unwavering commitment to improvement is ingrained in Peacefort’s  culture.  An ongoing dedication to self-improvement is maintained as a conscious practice aimed at consistently elevating the quality of service provided to clients. This ethos is mirrored in the company logo, symbolizing relentless pursuit of higher levels of customer satisfaction. Peacefort,  firmly believes that 'The sky is not the limit,' driving it to continually reach for new heights in our pursuit of excellence.

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